I just created a NAL application to remove an old version of the Patchlink
agent ( After running the NAL application the Patchlink agent is
gone from the Add/Remove Program list in the Control Panel, and the files on
the hard drive are also gone. However, the C:\Program Files\Patchlink
folder is still there, as is the \Update Agent subfolder.

I was thinking that maybe a simple post-distribution script might be able to
delete those folders. Unfortunately, I've never done a post-distribution
script so I need a little help. I've been searching the documentation
online but have not yet found what I am looking for, and it's time to head
home for the day so I thought I would pose a quick inquiry in this forum.

First, is a post-distribution script the best way to handle this task?
Second, what would be the syntax that I would need? Can I just use DOS
commands to do this?

Thanks for any help that you can offer.