I'm trying to setup a 2-node-OES2-Linux-cluster using twei IBM x3650
servers with dual HBA and a DS3400 SAN.

SLES10SP1 and OES2 basic setup went fine and both servers can see the
SAN LUNs. Because multipath does not work properly with DS3400 (no
automatic switchover of a LUN to backup controller) I had to use RDAC,
as documented by IBM. Using RDAC, connection to LUNs is fine, they
appear as /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc and so on.

But when starting NCS install no LUN is shown in the drop down list for
the SDB partition!

I did the same kind of installation with OES1 some time before and had
to init. the SAN disks with nssmu to become visible in NCS install.

But with OES2 this does not help. I also tried to create partitions or
segments with evmsgui but still no drives visible in NCS install.

What do I have to do to make them visible??

Thanks in advance,