I am trying to install Suse 10.1 with OES2 and get and error each time I
get an "out of range error" on my Dell monitor Keyboard attached to a
Avocent KVM on a Dell 1950 dual core server. The same thing happens on
1950 Quad core. On the initial install screen I change the display to
800x600. I go thru the complete install and on the hardware section at
the end of the install when selecting hardware it defaults to 1280x1024.
I change it to 800x600 and get a gray login screen. If I switch to
a console screen and run sax2 or yast I still get the out of range
error. If I connect to a stand alone monitor I am able to get my
video working. Has anyone seen this. The Avocent switch is a model 2035