Our corporate is making us move off our NetWare environment and join
their AD. We are being allowed to keep our Zen.

We are currently on zfd 4 sp1 but will move to zfd 7 sp1.

I am trying to decide if I should create a new tree on a windows server
and then export apps over or just have it join our tree so I get all the
objects and policies. I like the later but I feel there are obstacles.

Here are some details on our current setup.

We currently have IDM 2 in place but we are sycing the workforce ID to
the AD id as we have different naming standards. That will go away as
the IDs will match but that becomes part of the issue. If I rename the
Edir users to match AD will IDM be able to match them again?

Our current IDM is Netware based I am wondering if I should just start
over on that too. We have modified the policies so much I think a
default install might work better.

Will Zen7 look to AD for applications and group associations or Edir? We
currently only sync the user ID.

For remote control does Zen use AD or Edir authentication?