So last night our cat was scared by the vacuum cleaner and managed to
land wrong and dislocate its hind leg. So the cat has been at the vet
all day and they were able to pop its leg back into place. She was
going to be staying over night for observation to let the ligaments
tighten up in the hopes it would heal on its own over time.

So I'm in a meeting and get a garbled call from my wife on my blackberry...

Wife: "The cat is ...garbled... dead."
Me: "Oh my God she' dead? What happened?!!!"
Wife: "...garbled... Chinese food ...garbled... home?"
Me: "Can you repeat that? Is the cat dead?"
Wife: "Yes ...garbled... the cat ...garbled... come home."

After a dramatic pause I called her on a land line. She called to tell
me the cat is fine and she just wanted me to pickup dinner. Whew!

-- Bob

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