I have users with the volatile user setting checked in the dlu policy for
WinXP. On the workstation the volatile user cache is set for "x" days.When
the "x" days expires, the local user account on the workstation is deleted
as well as the volatile user folder under Document and Settings.

I do have a question with regard to a volatile user and the NAL Cache.
Should the NAL cache get cleaned up when the volatile user account does? I
am referring to the applications for the volatile user stored in the NAL

Also, should the volatile user's asc file in the NAL Cache also be removed?

Right now, the accounts are being removed, but the applications in the NAL
Cache for the volatile user are remaining as well as the asc file.

Could this lead to NAL loading slowly with volatile users asc files and
applications staying in the NAL Cache?

I am using ZEN 7 sp1.

Thanks in advance for any replies.