We have a unique situation, at least it seems to me that we do, we have a server out in the field running AD, a server running in HQ that is running e-Dir, they are not connected at all, they are connected by cable, but there is no authentication occurring between the two boxes, we have a workstation that we are trying to map a ZEN application object to copy from a share on the Microsoft AD server (in this case FS01), we have used UNC mapping (//FS01/ZEN-share) and have tried drive mapping (v:\(to the same location), and each time we receive (Problem:Unable to copy file [\\UNC Path] (D018). We are wanting to confirm that since the AD box and the e-Dir box are not connected with either e-Dir for AD or some type of Authentication that this scenario will most likely not work. Can anyone help with this issue, Please?

Thank You