Server is 6.0 Netware. 40 "old style" licenses were installed. 10 more licenses were needed. We found out that we had to delete our old licenses and replace them with the new universal licenses. The recommended path was to use iManager to install the new licenses. In our case, iManager was not working. Therefore, we had to use nwadmin to accomplish this goal.

Per TID 10074828, the steps were to delete the license serial numbers (which we did); delete the license object (which we did); delete the NLS_LSP object (which we did); run dsrepair with rebuild operational schema enabled until no errors were reported (which we did); down the server (done); skipped step six per instructions; rebooted the server and ran setupnls from server console (done); used nwadmin to install licenses (done - we think); attempted to verify license installation via nwadmin.

The outcome seemed to be that the new license was installed. BUT, we are now getting 8901 errors on login for all users except admin. And only a few of the 50 workstations can be logged in as admin. Otherwise errors occur for admin as well. So it clearly appears as if the licenses were not installed, even though the add license procedure went OK in nwadmin

We deleted the USER license object, but not the SERVER license object. Was this correct action to take? OR, did we need to delete both USER and SERVER license objects are then install the new license?

If we should have deleted the server license object, can we redo the process?

One other note... The server license object appears in the directory tree. But no user license object appears in the directory tree