I'm house hunting, and just off the corner of campus there is this nice,
unassuming house. Not quite what I was looking for and way too
expensive... BUT it has one unique feature I;ve fallen in love with:

A circa 1960's bomb shelter in perfect working order.

So I go into the basement and find this vault door and figure its a
safe... but it was WAY cooler. There was a 20 foot long steel tube,
about 3' in diameter, on a 15 degree down angle. I slid right down...


And ended up in this 12' long, 9' diameter tube with a wood floor tiled
with 2x2' removable panels. On the opposite end there was a battery
operated panel ( apparently ) with a Geiger counter, temperature and
humidity gauges.

I told Judy that if we purchased the place I'd convert it to my den...
finally a place to escape from the Internet, my Blackberry, the kids,
salsa music, alien transmissions, ...

I asked the Realtor is they were counting it as one of the 4 bedrooms.

-- Bob

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