I just upgraded from ZFD7-SP1-HP5 to ZFD7-SP1-IR1-HP2 on a Linux OES1
cluster but I don't seem to have the latest ZFDAgent.msi?

There were no error messages during the upgrade, just did a rpm -Fvh
*.rpm in the folder where I unpacked the rpms as instructed in the
installation notes. (Don't know why we use "freshen" instead of
"upgrade" but I assume there is some intelligent reason)

According to tid 3484245
I should have:

ZfDAgent.msi version

but i have:

ZfDAgent.msi version

in /opt/novell/zenworks/zdm/agent/English

Version seems to be the version in ZFD7-SP1-IR1-HP1
(according to tid 3546801
which I never even installed..

What am I missing?