We are confused by the process of adding a Netware 6.5 server to our existing 5.1 tree (we have 2 servers running 5.1). I have tried to follow the steps in the Deployment Manager and have bumped into a problem running SDIDIAG with the following instructions:

SDI Domain Configuration Has Problems.

- No SDI Domain Key Servers found. You must have at
least one server designated as an SDI Domain Key
Server. This server must have NICI version 2.4.2
with eDirectory 85.0 or later installed. However,
eDirectory 87.1 (included with NetWare 6.5) with
NICI 2.6.0 is recommended.

When trying to add a 5.1 server using the "AS" command, we get an error code -672. The 5.1 servers both use NDS 7.6 and are at SP8. Do we need to install eDirectory on the 5.1 servers before we continue? If so, how is this done?