I have a Dell PowerEdge 2900 Rev II with 4 gig of RAM and 4 x 300 gig RAID5
running NW65SP6, installed last summer and also running ZEN for Desktops

Approximately every 2-4 weeks this server will suddenly become extremely
sluggish and generally non-responsive, login takes forever, etc. Downing the
server is an hour-long ordeal just simply trying to dismount the VOL1: and
SYS: volumes so the server can be power-cycled.

After reboot all is fine and it runs okay for another 2-4 weeks. There are
never any abends so there really isn't anything I can point to as the

The only thing that I can determine is that it seems to freeze up sooner if
a lot of ZEN imaging has been done, and it runs longer if no imaging has
been done.

I've been playing with the SEG.NLM memory monitor and it seems like there is
always plenty of cache memory available, so I've no idea what could be the

I am wondering if perhaps the server has "too much" memory. I know as a
32-bit OS, Netware runs up against the 3.2 gig barrier and does weird stuff
with NSS to use memory above 3.2 gig. Will I get more stability if I pull
memory out of it and run with only 2 gig?