In order to provide a better service to the existing openSUSE Community
and to our new users, we're pleased to announce that, and the openSUSE support forums at
(the three largest English speaking dedicated SUSE forums) are joining
forces to merge into the new official openSUSE Forums at .

Behind the scenes, a project team consisting of Novell employees, openSUSE
Community members, and existing forums' staff have been working on this
project since the beginning of 2008. The new infrastructure will be hosted
by Novell to ensure the highest possible quality of service.

Current plans are to migrate the existing active members of
and into the official openSUSE Forums, simultaneously
implementing Single Sign On for the whole openSUSE Community. We hope to
make the transition as seamless as possible, and will go live Spring 2008.
More information will be posted as available.

All in all, a big gain for the whole openSUSE Community!