I recently installed DNS\DHCP on a server and migrated the DNS and DHCP services from an old server to the newly installed DNS\DHCP server.

The migration went fine, however over a period of time users logins where starting to take about 5 min to login after which a SLP error was being displayed, as soon as DHCP services where returned to the old server login returned to normal.

SLP is obviously working however I appear to be missing something SLP related on the new server which is currently configured on the old.

Checking the slp.cfg on both servers, they are both pointing to the SLP DA server which is the server currently running DHCP services at the moment.

Do I need to make my new server the SLP DA in order for SLP to work properly, fix the slow logins and enable me to migrate DHCP back to my new server as first intended, if so how is this achieved??