Have this past weekend setup a DNS server on NW65SP7 and setup the necessary
subdomain and child domain records, glue records, A records, etc. All in
all it works as expected, allowing users to resolve the A records and the
DNS suffix programmed into the workstation gets added on as it should.

However there are some workstations that randomly have hiccups resolving
internal names. At first I thought because I have the NetWare server as the
first DNS server in DHCP to hand out followed by the 2 ISP's public DNS
servers, that maybe it skips the internal server under some conditions and
of course can't resolve the internal address via the ISP, so I removed the 2
ISP addresses so they would always use the NetWare DNS.

However even after doing that I'm seeing a problem where some workstations
hiccup. I'll go their workstation, check via IPCONFIG /ALL that the suffix,
DNS server, etc... is all OK, but they still can't resolve an internal
address. I try to do IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS and sometimes that works, this
afternoon an IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS seemed to do the trick after about a
minute but may have been a coincidence.

Any ideas what the problem may be or where to first look?

Note workstations are WinXP PRO SP2.