In our zone, we find that the inventory data in the ZCC does not show the real info of the device inventory, especially the history report.

We installed the agent software (10.0.2) to the workstation manually.
After that ,for example, a hardware component is discovered in the first scan, but after several scans, this hardware component is missing, and after another several scans,the hardware component comes up again.

So we can see some “Addition” and “Deletion” records in the workstation history report “Change History for Device ***” in "Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory".

But if fact, the hardware and software installed of the workstation never changed from the beginning.

We found that many workstations have the same issue, both agent 10.0.1 and agent 10.0.2, and both the adaptive agent and inventory only agent.

I have reported this to Novell.

Is there any other one has the same issue?