Hi there,

We have merged with 2 other companies at the end of last year. They both are running an MS environment and we running primary OES/NW and some Windows 2000/2003 Servers. We now need to set up a

Windows DNS Server in order to get DNS resolution to the different sub-networks. The problem is, that we can ping different servers but name resolution fails.

New company structure:

- Company 1 set up a new primary AD / DC (named xxx.loc) for the new company structure. The DC and DNS are located in a A-Class Network 10.1.x.x
- Company 2 set up a DC for the new AD in for A-Class Network 10.2.x.x

Our Company

- We set up A-Class Network 10.3.x.x (according to the new companies)
- We have 2 OES 2 + 1 NW6.5 DNS Server runnning
- In the DNS we have different primary zones (one is our local domain (company.de))
- DHCP is running for workstations
- DNS registration runs automatically
- We set up a DC for the new AD (synchronization is running)

The question is, how to implement the Windows DNS / DC into our DNS, so workstations are able to access "both" networks. I read through some TID's and forums yesterday, but only found some little