I am trying to cluster DHCP on a 3 node nw65sp6 cluster (NCS136a, NCS136b, NCS136c). At present it will only load on the node for which the dhcp server object was created.
For the other 2 nodes the debug log screen shows:
DHCPSRVR.LOG file successfully opened.
0 : Logged in as Server
Locator name is [DNS-DHCP.CG]
Error renaming the TabFile during update
LoadServerObj():Read DHCP Server Reference from NCP Server
Error in NWDSRead: -603, iterHandle = -1
After DHCPGetDHCPServer, pServer is NULL
DHCPSRVR is ready for Remote Access support at 12-3-2008 12:12:25 pm.
No LAN based IP address assignment is possible.

The cluster load script is:

add secondary ipaddress
dhcpsrvr -d3 --servaddr=

All the nodes have the
DNIP:DHCP Server Reference set to DHCP_NCS136A.NCS136.Servers.Newcastle.CG
and DNIP:LocatorPtr set to DNS-DHCP.CG

Can anyone think why I am getting this error when loading on NCS136b and NCS136c?