Some patches are not visible in the ZCC. I have ZCM 10.0.2 on Win2k3 with a SQL database. We were looking to see if the patch "MS 924423 (English MUI) Update for Outlook 2003 (March 1 000000C9" was listed in ZCM Patch Management.

It is listed in the x86-en-applications.lst file in the ZENworks\ZPM directory, and is also listed in the SQL tables dbo.patchpackage and dbo.patchflags.

Should all packages listed in the database table dbo.patchpackage be visible in the ZCC. Are there certain packages that are not pushed from Patchlink to ZCM?

Working on patch statagy for client, and some of the patches they have been looking for appear in the tables, but not in the ZCC Vulnerablities. Is it because they are not technically a vulnerability???