Every couple of days my users start reporting an 8804 error in the login script, not home directory mapped.

I can go to the user workstation and type in the UNC path of the HD and cannot see it. I check the user account in ConsoleOne and the value is correct. NSM says the directory is cataloged and correct. I check the trustee rights in windows explorer (Right-Click select Trustee Rights) and they appear correct. Just for grins I clicked remove and Apply/OK. When I went back in to reassign the rights they had never been removed.

I can run a backfill operation to restore the trustee rights of the objects and it fixes them. Until a couple of days later the same issue reappears.

I checked DSTRACE on the engine and the other event servers and found some -601 and -603 errors but that was really it. There were a few "replica in skulk" errors, but they are not persistent. I removed all of the replicas, let it sit for the weekend and added them back. I am still getting these errors. DS is healthy as near as I can tell. No obituaries that I can find, and everyone is in sync. I'll post this in the eDir forum as well incase this is not the proper venue for this problem.