I have been fighting with this for a while now and still can't figure out what's causing my problems. I have GMS for Linux installed on a SLES 10.1 server. This server is also running Apache, so GMS is bound to port 8080. I have made that change in the securegateway.properties file and have also edited all the server names in the GMS admin console to end in :8080.

I have pointed GMS to my GroupWise server, and it says that communication between the two is successful. Port 7191 is open on the GroupWise box and 8191 on the GMS box. Also ports 8080, 443, and 3102 are open on the GMS box.

I have tried installing on a Moto Q and on a Pocket PC. On both, I put in http://<url>/install and I am prompted for username and password. I supply a groupwise username and password and then I get error message saying that a secure connection could not be established. I am given a manual link to download the client, but that then times out.

Any thoughts of what to look for or a common misconfiguration problem?