Hi all-

I have been playing with OES 2 for a couple of weeks now and am starting to get a bit of a feel for things. The intent is to migrate GroupWise 7 on to this platform. The experience thus far has been mostly positive. I'm looking for some comments about running OES 2 mainly in a VM setup on ESX servers.

OES 2 is very processor intensive from what I have seen. We have 9 Windows VM machines running on a physical box, it appears that OES 2 Linux may scale to around 3-4. NetWare would scale to around 6 VMs on the same hardware. How well has OES 2 scaled on your hardware?

How many of you run OES 2 without iManager? Those components look like they take a lot of smoke to run. I read a comment about someone running an X session locally through an ssh connection. Did you do this to keep resource utilization low on the server?

This is a GroupWise question, but I'll ask here anyway. How do you run your agents? In graphical mode or text mode? I would prefer graphical to start with because I am accustomed to the agent screens on the console. But with what I have seen with CPU use, the extra overhead is certainly not necessary. How do those of you running in text mode manage your agents?