Hello All,
We really can't afford to open an SR right now, so any help given us we
appreciate. We don't have a standard install of ZCM, if you will. We have
a SLES10 SP1 server that we installed OES2 on mainly for the NSS and a
backup iManager. Well, once OES2 is installed, it does it's own thing with
the Welcome page on ports 80 and 443. Which means when we installed ZCM, it
said the ports were already being used, choose other ports. So we chose
ports 81 and 444. They work great for everything but this update stuff. We
have tried to edit the xml files inside the war files and we have progressed
a little bit further now to where it at least says it's downloading the
update(s) but it just sits there. Is there ANYONE who has had this issue
with non-stadard ports in ZCM and trying to do the updates automatically or
manually? Or would it just be best to start over and install OES2 after we
install ZCM just so it will use the standard ports? Not sure how to
proceed. We are not that vested yet, but need to be by Monday. The entire
plant was told rolling out our new PC's until we ran into a bug in the DLU
then found this TID and forum article that told us it is fixed in 10.0.2.
We are currently on 10.0.1. Thanks.


Matthew Pierce
Lead MicroComputer/Lan Administrator
Infomation Management Service - Physical Plant

Texas A&M University

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