Background: NWSB 6.6 server, Win XP clients, NW client 4.91 sp4. Software
is CCH ProSystem Practice Mgt running on the server with client shortcuts
from the PCs. Symantec corp edition 10.1 only on wrkstns.

Hopefully someone can help with this problem. When using the software all
seems normal. But for some reason, when updating a project it takes 30+
seconds only on some PCs and 1 or 2 seconds on others. We have Dell laptops
that have this problem but IBM & HP laptops that don't. We have HP
workstations that are 2 years old (3ghz +-) that work great & brand new HP
dual-core 2.2ghz PCs that are really slow. The software mfg is of no help.
We've had this problem since day 1 but didn't expect the new HP PCs to have
it. Does anyone have ANY ideas?