Took some time to look through the forums here and it seems I have a (possibly) unique situation. Cross-posting this to the BorderManager list.

First off, the details:

NW 5.1 SP8
eDir 8.7.1
NW Client 4.9x (tried many SP's up to SP4)
BorderManager VPN client 3.7.3
Windows XP SP2, fully patched
Dell Latitude D-series laptops w/docking stations. None of these systems use the Dell WLAN utility (all Intel wireless cards) and all are in-house OS installs/images (no Dell "crapware" installed).


NWGINA (nwlogin.exe) will not show up at boot, system stays at a "black screen with mouse". If undocked, the login prompt MAY show up, usually after a lengthy delay. Turning off the NW login through the client allows immediate access to the workstation via workstation login (docked or undocked). Once in the workstation, however, our problems aren't immediately solved: the user launches the Novell Login prompt and then may have to wait for up to 10 minutes for the interface to appear (of course, clicking the shortcut multiple times will eventually yield multiple login prompts so SOMETHING is awake).

Now, here's the possible 'smoking gun': If I remove the VPN client software, everything works correctly. Docked, undocked, it doesn't matter. What is going on with the VPN and Novell clients that is causing such a delay? Is there some background connection that is being attempted when the OS boots? Can this connection be delayed? Again, this only happens when the laptop is docked (and thereby has a live ethernet connection).

Thanks for any help/suggestions,