Ok, new item... SLES10SP1 with OES2 installed and then ZCM 10.0.1
installed. Everything went great, excpet because OES2 was installed, ZCM
will not load on the defaults ports 80 and 443. So, we chose 81 and 444.
Well, we have no issues. All is working good, ZCM server is up, imaging is
working, ploicies are working, device mgmt and remote mgmt is working, and
we even have an NSS volume to store our images on.
So what's the need you ask, well we have time restrictions in place from
12am to 2am for doing maintenance and backup stuff. Well, once the ZCM
agent is install on a PC and DLU policies are pushed out and a user logs in,
they are good. But if they logout or restart and try and log back in, they
get a time restrictions dialog box come up. And this is at 8:15 in the AM.
Well, come to find out, after several long hours of Forums browsing, that
this is a know issue, and is the 2nd on the list of fixes in the ZCM 10.0.2
update. Well, here's where our next big issue comes in that we need help
with. Because we are not using the standard ports 80 and 443 for ZCM, the
internal Update program for ZCM will not let us download and get the update.
So, we tried doing the manual install, which is not great by any means, and
we edited xml files to point at the right ports, and the best we get is that
it looks like it's now trying to download the update, but it just sits there
with Zero progress.
So, does anyone have ZCM running on a SLES10SP1 OES2 server? If so, how
did you setup your install? Does anyone know where the zenworks files are
that we could change that have the port info in them? We thought about just
changing ZCM to point to ports 80 and 443 and then let OES2 stuff point to
another port. But, I can not locate the ZCM files to do this change. Any
help is MUCH appreciated. This is an ASAP need as we were supposed to be
deploying these in mass next week. Thanks.


Matthew Pierce
Lead MicroComputer/Lan Administrator
Infomation Management Service - Physical Plant

Texas A&M University

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