Hi all!

We have here a mysterious problem.
I hope that anyone can me explain the reason of this behavior.

Ok, here the facts:

NetWare 6.5 SP7 with clustered data volume
WinXP SP2 workstations with Client
Directories are mounded with Novell login script.

And here the mysterious problem:

We have some software (e.g. our ERP software and a documentation
software) they have SOMETIMES the problem that they can't find some
files and directories on the UNC path!?!

The problem comes and goes without any notice. Suddenly the software
can't access the directory or file. And some time later (10 minutes up
to some hours) the software works without any problem.

Why we get the idea that it is a UNC path problem?

When we copy (e.g. the documentation software (it's a java based
software) on windows volume it works fine.

When we get the error message from our ERP software (it runs on a
Citrix server), that they can't access a specific file or directory,
we try to access the specific file or directory from the effected
server. With the result that we CAN'T access the affected file or
directory over the UNC path, but over the mounted path (e.g.
g:\path\spftware\directory) we CAN.

By the documentation software we can solve the problem on this way:
We copy the directorie to the root of the volume (we abridge the path
length on this way around 20 characters). Than the software will

Have anyone a idea to this problem?