Morning Mates.

I have an IBM 3650 server with 5 GB of RAM and a 679 GB Raid 5 volume working on OES 6.5.5 that recently had an issue where the CPU spiked to 80-100% and stayed there for about 5 days before i got it rebooted and it settled down to a normal 5-25% CPU Utilization.

I have never really found a good way of drilling down into the issue to find out exactly what the server was choking on. My question to all of you is simple:

How do you find out what exactly is the cause of a spiked CPU? Especially when the highest process in the Monitor was a cryptic Server Process: 61.

I have used Monitor and the web monitoring tools to try to debug...and sometimes I can get lucky and it will be easy to find, like GW-Worker or something like that...but when it is a bit more cryptic, how do others investigate?

Thanks in advance!