We just had a demo of Microsoft's MIIS, or ILM. WHichever.


According to everyone in the room (it was a web demo) it can do everything
that Novell IDM can do. And! They even throw in all of the connectors we
need to make things work. IDM is a classic starter pack where out of the
box they give you about 70% of what you need to get things done (AD and
eDir sync) but the last 30% is pay-for (ERP-anything, anything beyond
the most basic of file-level provisioning).

Microsoft ILM comes with MS-SQL and Oracle connectors out of the box,
which is a HUGE thing for us. They also have an eDir connector.

We're waiting on pricing, but.... early looks are it'll come in
significantly under what IDM would. Or rather, significantly under what
IDM would if we got all the drivers we want rather than try to develop our
own drivers to do what the purchased ones do; thus trading salary time for


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