I'm doing upgrades on Netware 6.5 Sp3 servers. I'm upgrading to SP7.
I have 12 remote servers, all identical, 6 passed already without problem.

Now i have the next 2 servers in trouble. Upgrade went normal. But After the reboot the server doesn't come back.
Thanks to the Hp Ilo board in the servers i could see that the server is reseting all the time.
I started the server with options -ns -na -nl.
After that launched startup.ncf followed by LOADSTAGE 0 and Loadstage 1.
At the end of loadstage 1 SYS is correctly mounted, immediately followed by a critical error saying :
The running process will be suspended
server-5.70-4631 mnid=1001C
Critical error ...... and after a while restarts

Does anyone has an idea how i can solve this, what it can be ?
Since i don't have the "normal" console i can't check the sys volume.

I continue searching, some help/suggestions would be more then welcome.
thanks in advance.