We need to add some windows Vista 32bit desktop machines into zcm10 and have hit a snag.

We are having some issues adding new machines to zcm10, we have setup an IP scan, it detects and adds all the vista machines into the deployment section, however they are appearing but are being displayed as Unknown OS, our other Linux servers will come up and we can see full information about the OS, and disks.

I have tried disabling firewall as well as starting the WMI and SNMP services to no avail.

Furthermore to this when we attempt to deploy the machines to ZCM, and we get to step 6 it will tell us that a windows proxy must be configured. I am fine to do this but how to I add the windows proxy, I see the section within configuration where it can be added, but I cannot select any machines to use as a windows proxy, maybe due to the fact that I cannot deploy any machines in the first place?

Any help would be appreciated.