Hey All,

Just having an issue upgrading the zcm server to version 10.0.2, currently inside configuration and system updates, there is one listed that says:

"Update for ZCM (10.0.2) - REQUIRES 10.0.1 update to be applied first. See TID 3407754 at www.novell.com/support"

I have followed the TID article at novell, and I have done what it has asked, copied the data into the approprate folders and restarted the zen services. Now nothing has happened and it still looks the same in the system updates section, Is there another way to manually push out the update?

Because this machine has Imanager installed on it, ports 80 and 443 have been taken, so zenworks is running at 81 and 444...

I read in the doc that you must edit the xml files to change the ports to the nonstandard ones, I have done this and still no joy.

If someone could possibly tell me what all the steps are or elaborate on the poorly written tid article I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance