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Thread: iPrint Direct, gateways, and me

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    iPrint Direct, gateways, and me

    My system is around 700 printers for 6700 users spread around 20 sites on NW 6.5.6 servers.

    Currently, we run a manager and a broker at each site. This means, among other things, that I've got 20 driver stores where (at least in theory) we need to track driver versions.

    I'm looking at iPrint Direct, since we don't do any auditing anyway. Due to a GW to Exchange migration, I'll have space on some cluster nodes to run iPrint in a central location. And, for the most part, we've got good bandwidth to the remote sites.

    One of the constraints is that I'll need to standardize gateways on the Novell gateway. I'm thinking that this won't be a huge issue, just more work (mostly getting the paperwork done I hope).

    Anyone have any experience with a migration project like this? Any "gotchas" with iPrint Direct?


    Tim Wohlford
    Tim Wohlford, CNE

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    Re: iPrint Direct, gateways, and me

    1) Coverting to the Novell gateway can be automated with the pacvert.exe tool. The latest version of this tool can be found here:
    NOVELL: Downloads
    The process is pretty straightforward, but test it first before using it on all of your printers. For some third party gateways, the tool might in fact use the wrong lpr names in the gateway definition it is best if you catch such problems early.

    2) Moving printers between managers can be done from iManager or using the server consolidation wizard. If you are using the iPrint client (and not the NDPS client), you have to make sure that your clients don't loose track of where the printers reside. For this, make sure you use a separate DNS name for your regional NDPS managers and you load those managers with the /dnsname option. Then once you have moved your printers, you change your DNS record for the Manager to point to the IP address of your clustered manager.
    Another thing is using the Broker on the new Manager. For this, you need to use the setens and setrms options on the clustered manager. These options are explained here:
    10067688: Setting the RMS and ENS for NDPS Manager

    3) iPrint direct.
    iPrint generally works well. The only limitation is that certain printers do not handle many concurrent connections. That means if you do a lot of printing from many different clients at the same time, the printer might loose connections and will become temporarily unavailable .
    Marcel Cox

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