We are trying to get BorderManager working as a reverse proxy for a SSL
server, but also with SSL authentification for our external users.

Reverse proxy on port 80 works (BM's login page shows in browser), but
reverse proxy on port 443 doesn't ask for any login, but immediatly
redirects to ssl on the server.

It seems this is (was?) a known problem. I found TID 10024431 (from
2002), and this from Craig's BM 3.8 book:
"While proxy authentication can be required for access to a reverse
proxy, HTTPS then cannot also be proxied to the internal web server at
the same time. Thus, you cannot reverse proxy a secure internal site, if
you also require BorderManager to perform authentication for inbound
users on that particular reverse proxy."

So all I'm wondering is if this is still true for BM 3.9? The TID states
"The feature is slated for a later release", so maybe it's working now
on a NW65SP7/BM3.9 with SP1RC2 box?

If not, just let me know ...