Hello all.

I have a problem - hoping for some insight to fixing it.

I have an enterprise environment setup, one collection server, one
database server using MS SQL 2005 Standard ED. It is being used for a
proof of concept to implement into a large customer of ours.

I installed ZAM 7 with SP1. I then applied IR15. Workstations are being
scanned and stored in the database. So far so good!

When I try to access the Web Console, Reports option, and I try to view
the stations on the System List I get the following error:

The data you requested is not available.

Details: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid
object name 'NC_WkstaExtension'.

I searched the TIDS and came up with TID 3505631 that describes exactly
my problem. I've already applied the latest interim release.

I used SQL Server Management Studio with my DBA, and sure enough,
NC_WkstaExtension doesn't exist.

Does anyone have any ideas? Will I have to reinstall?

Thanks in advance for your help,