Will be upgrading NW51SP8 to NW65SP7 but not changing the hardware. From
other posts and research if I understand correctly it's preferred NOT to do
an in place upgrade so as to cleanup the NetWare installation and system
directories. Which means you migrate from the current server hardware to a
temporary machine (workstation with a large drive) and then migrate back to
the current server after having wiped it and set it up as a pre-migration

2 questions on this process (call the original server hardware SERVER and
the temporary workstation to migrate to and back from as WORKSTATION):

1) When migrating to WORKSTATION, first of WORKSTATION gets set up as a
pre-migration server, then I go through the usual migration steps. After
having finished with the migration wizard and WORKSTATION boots as the
server, is it necessary for me to re-install all the NetWare products off
the products CD? Or can I simply reverse the process back to SERVER (after
wiping it and prepping it as a pre-migration server), and then worry about
re-installing the NetWare products that I need once SERVER has been migrated
back to?

2) Is it OK to use a SATA drive to migrate to on WORKSTATION? I remember
hearing that NetWare support of SATA-2 is not that good (is this still the
case with NW65SP7?). Want to make sure I won't have any hiccups. Mind you
I did a lot of my NW65SP7 testing on a SATA drive, so presume it's OK, just
want to be sure, and also want to see about the SATA-2 drive, as I may have
to deal with that at another site down the road.

Any other comments on the process or gotchas to watch for would be