Hi All,

In our Novell client we use a DNS entry in the Service Location to provide a redundancy of SLP DA's.

There are 2 server IP's associated with the DNS entry (site-SLPDA.company.com)... When one of the servers is unavailable clients have problems logging into their workstations.
This problem is due to Microsoft DNS giving the Novell client the IP address of the server that is not responding. The Novell client then times out and gives the user the 'Tree or Server cannot be found' error message.

We added the IP address of another server under the DNS entry in the hope that if the DNS entry failed, the Novell client would use the next entry in the SLP field, which would be the direct IP. This does not work.

We tried another test and removed the DNS entry and just placed 3 IP address. We found that if the first IP was unresponsive, the Novell client would recurse through the list of IP addresses in the SLP field until it found a working DA.

My question is why will the Novell client recurse through multiple IP addresses when listed in the SLP tab of the Novell client, However if a DNS entry plus an additional IP are listed, it will timeout and fail on the DNS entry and not recurse through the remaining entries?

I know this problem can be over come if we use an intelligent device like a Cisco Distributed Director (Which is a possibility in our situation) however I'd like more information on how the Novell client handles SLP and the DNS entry.

Client is 4.91 SP2-B, not that it matters... and no we won't be upgrading.