I've been fiddeling with this for a while now, we've got a freshly installed
citrix 4.5 server on windows 2003 in an active directory which is synced to
our NDS with DirXML. It's a 1 way sync with NDS as master.
We only use citrix for remote access and with the ica client everything
works as it should, but with the web client I'm running into a few isues.
Workstation authentication pass-thru is not an option because the clients
are people's home computers, the ica app needs to get its authentication
either from the initial web login or a single novell login screen.

1st problem is that it does not pass the nds authentication from the web
page to the ica client, which isn't that big of an issue but just an
inconvenience but if it did, it would probably get rid of the other problem
2nd is that it keeps popping up the netware login screen with 'Anon000',
workstation only checked and the login location set to the actual server
name instead of the domain, when not changing all the settings manually
it'll pop up a 2nd windows login screen and ask for a password on a user
which doesn't exist. (the netware username on the local citrix machine)
When checking the 'default location' propperties of the novell client
everything is set like it should and 'save on successfull login' is turned

Any ideas ?