We have a 4 node (all Netware 6.5) cluster all with FC connection to the SAN and we are having problems backing up the SAN Volumes using Arcserve 11.1 SP3 from any of the Netware servers.

The Arcserve Backup Manager can not see the SAN across the FC's and we can only do a manual backup across the network through the Arcserve server agents. But to allow for automated backups across the FC the volumes need to be seen through the manager.

We have been working with CA to resolve some other issues and this is the only thing that is not resolved and according to them the reason that the Manager can't see the volumes is because they are not listed under SLP.

We have scoped SLP with a single DA and all other services are listed apart from the SAN Volumes and we have looked at some of the trouble shooting TID's for SLP with no luck. We have forced the DA to look for services and it only finds the services that were previously listed.

Any pointers or further info about SLP etc would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

S Smith