I Created som Custom Target Platforms (wich are actualy nld-9-i586 with some different configurations)
the check is done on a /etc/custom-release file.

then I created Folders with the same name and registration rules that put those devices in the proper folder.
I created alsoo some bundles that install things on those devices with the custom platform.

Now, afterwards I deleted everithing , the packages, registration rules, I deleted the folders and unregisterd the device on the client side with rug sd.

Problem is that I cannot delete the Custom Target platform, it keeps on saying :
Cannot remove target platform(s) with packages already added to it: Could not remove the OS Target

but i Checked it all , and if i go to the zlm server and type :
zlman lp --target-filter custom-target, i have no results

Any suggestions how to remove my custom target ?

the problem is , I now disabled the custom target (because I can't Delete) but after re-registering to the ZLM server, now the default registration rule is actif , the devices comes in the correct folder BUTas OS it does not say nld-9-i586 but my customized OS ?????