Processor: PII 350MHz
O/S: Netware 6.0SP2 (running an app incompatible with later service
Controller: SYM53C875
Old disks: Seagate ST39140WC (9GB)
New disk: Seagate ST373207LC (72GB)

The boot disk failed, so I installed a spare disk and restored a DOS
partition on it from a backup. I booted the disk and loaded NetWare
(which found the mirror of SYS on the other old disk) but I was then
unable to add a Netware partition to the disk. Additionally, the disk
shows up as "Inactive" in Monitor, and attempting to activate it results
in an error. I actually have two spare disks but they are the same model
and I get the same result. Any ideas as to what to blame first, the
disk, the driver, the controller, the processor? Unfortunately I don't
have any other spares right now so it would be interesting to know what
to try, thanks.