Either I am in the Twilight Zone or I just dont understand.


Lab environment

I have 15 servers all Netware 6.5 sp5
out of those 1 zenworks server for applications, 1 zenworks server for imaging (holds only the images) and 1 PXE Server;
Everything is working perfectly.



I had to power down all the servers due to a scheduled power maintenance.

Once my servers where rebooted (in the correct order) my PXE Server doesnt not have anything remaining from pxe.

no more nlm's, no ncf's ????????

I thought I was dreaming since I search far and wide to find any trace of pxe existing before. I then re-launched the zenworks installer to see if the PXE option was grayed out. YES it was grayed out. Which means it was already installed. I decided to install over it. I run the install without errors. But still no trace of PXE.

yes I am logged in as Admin

What could have happened?
How can I reinstall again?
Where is the nearest psych ward?