We have 2 Trees. One Tree has 2 nw65sp6 servers. They were nw6sp5.
One upgraded to 6.5 in December and the other upgraded in February 2008.

The 2nd Tree has 2 nw65sp5 servers that are about 3 years old. There are also 3 nw6sp5 servers. One is about to be upgraded to nw65.

This new licensing is confusing. I have read TID 10100768.

From what I understand, the nw65 servers that are 3 years old will have to have the licensing removed (following TID 10100768 for a mixed tree) when I upgrade the next nw6sp5 server to 6.5.
And then install the new nw65 server license.

Do I need to purchase another nw6.5 server license for the upgrade or can I use the server license I used on the 2 upgrades I just did?

And legally I still need to purchase user licenses even though nothing is actually installed? We only have 10 users at this office.