I have the Novell Gateway Exchange loaded. The links both say open on Groupwise and Exchange. I can see the users either in Outlook or Groupwise. I can e-mail a user from Groupwise to Exchange but can't e-mail from Exchange to Groupwise. I have checked my set up and went through the manual everything looks correct. I checked the event viewer and did not see any errors. When I check the message flow the message ends at the Exchange server and never transfers to the Groupwise server.

When I did the directory sync I see the users from Groupwise in AD now. They are under the Groupwise containers. When I click on properties it says they are contacts but belong to the Groupwise domain. What's weird is that I sent a test message from a user in Groupwise to Exchange but when I clicked on the message in Outlook it says user has asked for a mail recipt. That doesn't seem correct because the sender is a Groupwise mailbox and doesn't have any mail recipt set up. I am thinking that since the users were imported from Groupwise to AD as contacts it is using that account. Does that make any sense?

I am running Groupwise 7 and Exchange 2003. I am using the Novell Gateway as an application for my connector.

Has anyone seen this? Thanks