No, we are not going to MS.
Anyway here is my setup:
Main NW6.5 Server, runs GW7 - all but webacc, DNS, DHCP, NDPS.
BM38 is in an OU in the tree, we use it for our webserver, netstorage,
GW Webaccess. It also is doing nat and our proxy, firewall / content filter.

I have to replace with an appliance, but I don't have to get rid of the server!
Would it be better to remove the server from the tree and just setup as another server (Webserver, netstorage, GW webaccess), or would it be
just as good to just shutdown BM (rem it out from starting) and turning Nat off and letting the appliance do that and content filtering.

This seems to me to be the easiest, but what do you think?
Any gotcha's??