All servers in one building, two other buildings connected by VLANs. No problems in building that contains servers. IP only network, most client PCs can log in from the other two buildings. Some older Dell PCs have context/login issues, especially when changing from a user in context A to a user in context B:

Most clients are able to change the context when the username is changed. For example, if UserA (in context A) logs out, and UserB (in context B) enters their username in the client logon, when they tab to the password entry box the context is automatically updated to context B. This works in any building, even the two buildings that are connected on separate VLANs.

On some PCs, the context information does not update, and we are unable to connect (even if connected to the same patch cable that worked on the other PCs):

(Novell Client 4.91 SP3 for Windows; version; results
"Your current context is A {prior user context}"
"The user specified does not exist in this context"
"login will try to find the user in ther server context {context A}"
-clicked close, was able to proceed with logon if correct context was entered, for most computers
-login fails with Novell Securiy Message "The tree or server cannot be found. Choose a different tree or server."
-choosing correct tree manually (from client drop down menu, remembered tree information) does not help; no other context choices, clicked ''contexts'' to browse, error "Cannot access tree {MyTree} "