I'm currently using bordermanager 3.8.16 installed on my Windows Vista and connecting to my office by the Bordermanager VPN-client to a netware6-server (they refuse to upgrade to 6.5) and it's working! (but!).

.. but every hour when my ISP renews it's lease for the IP-adress it won't succeed and the VPN-client and my internet-connection stops working.

Then I have to disconnect/logout the VPN and then reconnect to my ISP and then reconnect/login to the VPN

I also found out that the VPN doesn't work when I'm behind a NAT (but that works on my other computer (with Windows XP).

I know Vista isn't supported on 3.8.x, but I'm wondering if it will get supported in some patch? Or can I perhaps install Bordermanager 3.9SP1 and use it on Netware6 allthough it says in the requirements that it has to be netware6.5?