I have an older OES linux server (SPIdent says SP1 plus updates) that is used as an FTP server (vsftpd). Everything works okay in as far as LUM enabling groups and users is fine and users can logon and transfer files.

However, it's been getting progressively slower as more and more LUM users and LUM groups are configured. Uploads have slowed to a crawl (18 to 60 kbs) where it used to be 200 to 300 kbs). Also, running a long listing (ls -la) takes minutes before any output is displayed to the screen.

So, having not looked at this box much in 3 years other than adding accounts, I took a peek at the replicas on this server. There aren't any. So I think it's always going back to another server on the network for lookups.

Also, I noticed that I can't run ndsrepair. It says that it can't connect to NDS and that the NDS database may be down. However, ConsoleOne shows the server is up and running with eDirectory for Linux and ndsd is running on the box.

I'm tempted to add a few partition replicas but I don't like that I can't run ndsrepair. Any ideas?