Hi Im running opensuse 10.2 and the clnttrust for linux , only its not working still getting the bm auth login in firefox .. on the shell its putting out the following:

( Some Information has been changed due to Security Policies )
__________________________________________________ ____
Authentication Failed

Entering ProcessRequest

Received datagram from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
NWDSAuthenticate failed->-337

ConnInfo Auth :0
__________________________________________________ ___

after starting clnttrust the icon doesnt appear either ;)
although a netstat is confirming that it is listening

suse10:/usr/bin # netstat -alp | grep 'clntrust'
udp 0 0 *:nds_sso *:* 12389/clntrust
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 73855 12389/clntrust

Novell client is running on the Box and setting the NBM Server as Primary DS Server (Connections) didnt help either .

Anyone have some ideas ? would be great to get this up and running on the nix boxes.