After getting a rather one-sided response to an issue with Arcserve 9
crashing our server, I paid for the Arcserve 11 upgrade (11.1 SP3)

Immedietly after installing, the first backup job abend'ed our server -
This problem is outstanding with CA's support (who are useless for saying
this is 100% urgent - Ive had no update in 38 hours!)

I rebooted the server and managed to cancel the job(s) that were crashing
it. I re-created the jobs, and the 1st backup seemed to run fine for the
first half an hour, so I left it going.

Bare in mind with AS9, this same backup job, on the same server, same LTO3
tape drive, managed to complete in around 6 hours.

Last nights job completed in around 18 hours total. So, with AS11 our backup
took approx 3 times as long to complete.

Who can help me out with this, urently? Becuase CA's support are useless, Im
fed up of what they would call "catchy" hold music!